CASEY is scared of spiders and hates lima beans. He longs for the day when he can trade in Kyle for an older brother. He's a good kid, but he speaks his mind and gets himself in trouble. He doesn't go looking for it, but it seems to find him anyway. He's sweet, but looks out for number one. He's your normal four year old.

KYLE is excited to be alive. He loves to play and to get into things, but he hasn't really figured out what play should look like. He ends up the butt of the joke, the bad guy in every game and the one who ends up on the short end of the stick all the time, but he's happy anyway, because he just wants to be played with. He's one year old and loving every minute of it.

MOM is the glue that holds the family together. She is a loving mother, however, sometimes her sarcastic side comes out and she'll make jokes at the kids' expense.

DAD is self employed and must often travel for business. He enjoys roughhousing with kids and often creates chaos, which his wife does not appreciate.

CARTER is Casey's best friend and lives on his street. He is shy and somewhat naive, and he often manages to fall victim to Casey's agenda.

ZACHARY is several years older than the other kids and is the street's mean kid, causing problems and taking advantage of anyone he can.

PUDDING loves the army. At least he thinks he does. He's never met a real soldier before, but he plays army all day every day. He digs foxholes in the yard and drills his plastic army men in the heat of the day. At night he keeps watch, making sure the enemy doesn't invade the neighborhood.

ROCK is the pet fish. Like most fish, bad things seem to happen to him, and he's constantly being replaced by new and improved "Rocks". Casey thinks he goes on vacation.